Current Deposit Account

( I ) Current Account Opening

Current Accounts are able to be opened in local currency (Kyat) in the following types of account

  • National Company Account
  • Foreign Company Account
  • Foreign Investor (Company) Account
  • Joint Venture Corporation Account
  • Co-operative Account
  • National Individual Account (or) Joint Account
  • Foreigner Individual Account (or) Joint Account

Required documents for opening of a current account (Kyat) are the same with those for account opening of a current account (foreign currency). Kindly see the pages under the heading “Required Documents for account opening in Foreign Currency” for information in details.

Certified Cheque Service

To avoid the risk of carrying large amount of cash and to make safe and secure payment, current account holders of the Bank are able to use Certified Cheque. By using Certified Cheque, the payee has an advantage to avoid cheque dishonor by the bank due to insufficient balance occurred in the drawer's account.Service Fee is K 0.05 for Cheque amount K 1000 (Minimun K 1000, Maximun K 5000).