Tariff of Charges to internal customers


                                                 Tariff of Charges to internal customers


Account Services



(a)       Account Transfer Charges                                                                     USD 2 /EUR 2/SGD 2

            (in favor of our customers within the Bank)


(b)       Account Transfer Charges                                                                     USD 3 /EUR 3/SGD 3

            (to other banks within the Myanmar)


(c)       Account Closing Charges

(a)       Personal   Account                                                                      USD 5

(b)       Company Account                                                                       USD 10


(d)       Foreign Currency Cash Withdrawal                                                        USD 1/EUR 1/SGD 1


(e)       Payment Order Issuing Commission                                                      USD 1/EUR 1/SGD 1


(f)        Payment Order Cancellation                                                                 USD 1/EUR 1/SGD 1


(g)       Statement (Duplicate)Issuing Fee, Balance Certificate                             MMK 1,000


(h)       Statement Issuing by Email                                                                  USD 1/EUR 1/SGD 1 per month


(i)        Loss of Bank Passbook, Cheque Book and Token                                  MMK 10,000


(j)         MT-103 Charges for Transfer Payment                                                  USD 50 per transaction